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No Greek island offers so many contrasts as Kefalonia

Exquisite virgin beaches surround Mount Aenos, with its impressive wooded peaks. The serene yachting village of Agia Efimia and the bustle of nearby aristocratic Fiscardo. Romantic Renaissance castles overlooking forgotten villages and valleys. Hidden among ancient olive groves, the subterranean nymph lake Mellisani is fed by secret rivers that cross the island unseen...

In spring, the sea breeze carries the fragrances of a thousand flowers. In the clear sky of summer and autumn, the sunset across Myrtos Bay is unforgettable. And all year round, robola, the local Riesling wine, is not to be missed!

In 1900 four times as many people lived here as today. But the spirit of Ulysses lives on. Birthplace of Gnostic philosophers and eccentric artists, of extravagant ship tycoons and sturdy peasants rooted in the soil, ingenious traders and otherworldly clerics, despotic dictators and uncompromising revolutionaries of various hues, fervent poets and haughty jurists, Kefalonia has left its mark all over Greece and beyond - indeed its children are prospering all over the world. But, as they themselves smilingly admit, among their many virtues, the virtue of moderation is rarely to be found!

General Information

Kefalonia is the largest and the most mountainous of the seven Ionian Islands.
It is 689km2, but has just 40,000 residents.
It produces excellent wines, olive oil, raisins, fruits and milk products.
Saint Gerasimos is the protector of the island and his remnants are kept in the monastery bearing his name, in a small village near the island's capital, Argostoli. He is celebrated every year on August 16.
Kefalonia was conquered by the Romans, the Turks, the Venetians, the French and the English, but it was finally united with Greece in 1864.

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