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myrtos kefaloniaMYRTOS BEACH

Myrtos Beach is world-famous for the magical colours of the water (from sky-blue to dark blue, green-blue and turquoise) contrasting with the bright white of the smooth marble pebbles from which the beach is formed. In the evening the water is tinted by magnificent reds, yellows, purples and oranges as the sun disappears.

The location of the beach, with steep mountains and towering cliffs behind, is imposing and dramatic. No surprise, then, that Myrtos, an EU Blue Flag beach, has been voted the best beach in the whole of Greece 12 times and constantly makes it into lists of the world's top ten beaches. It was the setting for the mine explosion in the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

You can drive there inabout 15 minutes or, in summer, there is a regular bus service from the harbour. Timetables are posted outside the Tourist Information office.




Antisamos beach, near Sami, is one of the beast beaches of Kefalonia. 

It is a beautiful pebble beach with turquoise waters, surrounded by impressive verdant hills.

Thousands of visitors are attracted every summer by the natural beauty of the place - it's just 10km from Agia Efimia.



melissani kefaloniaMELISSANI LAKE

Near to Karavomilos (just 4km from Agia Efimia), Melissani cave lake is spectacular. It may be 100+ degrees F outside but in the cave it is always cool and damp. Guides take you around the lake on little boats - and their descriptions of the 20,000-year-old stalactites are graphic and imaginative to say the least!

The cave is 100m long with a third taken up by the lake which is 100 foot deep in places! In 1953 the roof fell in, revealing the cave and creating amazing light displays - between 10.30am and 1pm during July and August the sun hits the lake, changing the colour of the water, the various shades of blue are then reflected off the walls.

Worth the trip!




Drogarati's Cave is located close to Sami (about 10km away from Agia Efimia). It is 60m deep, the temperature is a constant 18'C and the humidity is 90%.

Speleologists (cave scientists to you and me) say this cave is about 100 million years old. The multi-coloured stalactites and translucent stalagmites compose a magnificent natural piece of work. In the biggest hall of the cave (900m2), the Chamber of Exaltation, as it is called because of its perfect acoustics, is used for cultural events.


aenos kefalonia



Words cannot describe how awesome this majestic mountain is.

Black pine trees, fresh air and a breathtaking view, suggest an experience few people have the privilege to live.

Become a part of nature's magic.



sami kefalonia



Sami is the former capital and a ferry port. Much of Louis de Berniere's film "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" was filmed here.

The town has many restaurants and tavernas. From the port you can catch a ferry and visit Ithaca for a day, or travel to the Greek mainland or Italy. Close to Sami is the Bavarian Equestrian Centre which caters for both novices and experienced riders.


assos kefaloniaASSOS VILLAGE

Stunning Assos is a small village close to Agia Efimia on the north coast of Kefalonia set off the Argostoli to Fiskardo Road. It is approached by a steep twisting road. Dominating the village is the Venetian castle which is connected to the village by an isthmus.

This rustic village of just 100 inhabitants, contains some classic examples of the Venetian architecture that was abundant throughout Kefalonia before the 1953 earthquake. Alongside these you will find an several private houses, a small selection of villas and apartments, a handful of tavernas and a small mini-market. 



This is the most northernmost port of Kefalonia.

Some consider Fiscardo to be the island's most picturesque village, and prices reflect this.

Located on a different geological plate to the rest of the island, it was unaffected by the 1953 earthquake. Therefore, the village has some of the oldest buildings on the island.

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