8 Reasons to Get Married in Kefalonia, Greece

Getting married in this divine Greek island is a blessing. The whole wedding experience in Kefalonia feels like a holiday, from start to finish.

So, if you are considering celebrating your wedding in the island of sun, azure waters and hospitality, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. To begin with, Kefalonia comes with a bonus: Not only is it a great choice for your wedding, but it also serves as a romantic and relaxing honeymoon destination!

Well, here are eight, very persuasive reasons, to get married in Kefalonia:

1#. Variety of settings and surroundings

Kefalonia - Variety of settings and surroundings

No Greek island offers so many contrasts as Kefalonia.

Although Kefalonia is a large island in size, the population is relatively small and you will find plenty of idyllic hidden gems around the island to absorb, retreat in privacy and take the wedding photos to die for!

It is a beautiful island that has it all. Exotic sandy coves that never get overcrowded dot the rugged yet charming indented coastline with its limestone cliff – a landscape chosen for Hollywood’s captain Corelli’s mandolin.

Exquisite virgin beaches surround Mount Aenos, with its impressive wooded peaks. The serene yachting village of Agia Efimia and the bustle of nearby aristocratic Fiscardo.

Romantic Renaissance castles overlooking forgotten villages and valleys.

Old style churches and fascinating traditional wineries hidden among green mountains are waiting for you to explore them. Hidden among ancient olive groves, the subterranean nymph lake Mellisani is fed by secret rivers that cross the island unseen...

In spring, the sea breeze carries the fragrances of a thousand flowers. In the clear sky of summer and autumn, the sunset across Myrtos Bay - voted the best beach in Greece and amongst the top ten beaches in the world - is unforgettable. And all year round, Robola, the local wine, is not to be missed!

Here is an island with unlimited options that will satisfy all styles, preferences and budgets – and you are sure to find a wedding venue that matches your personality and preferences.

2#. Charming tradition and hospitality

Kefalonia - Charming tradition and hospitality

Everyone is familiar with Greek hospitality and traditions. The locals are warm, welcoming and always eager to help. They have stories to tell and are generous with their local wisdom, whether related to food, places of interest or historical events.

The locals are also known to nurture traditions and share them with visitors. In fact, weddings are inseparable from a host of traditions, many of which will put a smile on your face. Picture these:

- A few days before the wedding, all the couple’s friends and relatives gather at their home. In turn, a single man will rumple the couple’s bed, and a single lady will make it again. This process is repeated several times until the groom-to-be is pleased with the outcome and ‘approves’ the look of the bed. At that point, all the guests throw rice, koufeta (wedding almond candies) and money on the bed.

- On her wedding day, and before putting on her shoes, the bride writes all the names of her single girlfriends on the soles of her shoes. The girls whose names are erased from the soles on that day will get married before the others (a ‘group’ alternative to catching the bridal bouquet!).

- Music and dance are indispensible. The bride is accompanied by musicians playing the mandolin, guitar or violin traditional wedding songs as she walks down the street to meet the groom.

These are just a few examples of the many traditions that will season your wedding experience in Greece and create unique memories of special moments that will be engraved in your heart.

3#. Great Food

Kefalonia Great food

Mediterranean food is healthy. Food of Kefalonia is healthy and delicious. Local caterers can suggest a menu with Kefalonian and other Greek recipes as well as international that will appeal to you and your guests. From the most traditional to contemporary and creative Greek cuisine, the options are endless.

Sun kissed ingredients sourced from the land as well as the aquamarine waters in abundance of the freshest local fish. Across the island, fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant. Meat is also very tasty and always local. Do not hesitate to add the traditional green salad (horta), Kefalonian Riganada (dry bread topped with tomato, local feta cheese, oregano and olive oil), different kinds of pies, such as the delicious Kefalonia Meat pie, cod pie, green pie (hortopita), Greek salad, mousaka and other dishes to your wedding menu – you will be delighted. Local sweets and pastry also come highly recommended, so to complete the culinary excursion, make sure to try the local moist almond pie, topped with delicious kaimaki ice-cream, or the crispy ‘amygdalota’ and the local ‘mandoles’.

4#. Island sailing fun

Kefalonia Island sailing fun

The Ionian Sea is an absolute favourite spot for boat lovers who find the area perfect for relaxed sailing. In Kefalonia you can enjoy all the sun and fun of island hopping or sailing, either before or after your wedding day. Kefalonia and Ithaca and Lefkada are in clusters close to each other, so you can enjoy different beaches and locations in a single trip. If you enjoy sailing yourself, you can add a touch of adventure to your wedding trip and explore hidden and secluded coves and beaches, the real gems of the Greek Ionian islands, which are often only accessible by boat.

5#. Time for bonding

Kefalonia Time for bonding

When you have a wedding planned overseas, the guest list automatically shrinks down to only few people, mostly those who are close friends and family. A wedding on a Kefalonia brings people together. Hospitable and family oriented locals will make your guests part of a big family, so sounds like a good idea to have a wedding on Kefalonia, as it will have a lovely impact on your guests.

6#. Wedding expenses lower down

Kefalonia Wedding expenses lower down

If you believe that an overseas wedding will cost more than usual, you are wrong. Do the calculations and you will realize that an overseas wedding is very much affordable. It is economical due to three reasons. Number one, you get to have an amazing wedding plus honeymoon. You usually pay for only yourselves as the bride and groom. Your guests pay for their own package (flight and hotel) to get there, and if you choose an all-inclusive resort it makes things really simply and low maintenance as all the food and drinks are paid for as well. Secondly, your guest list will be short (average is around 40-50 guests) which means that you will have to spend less on the flower arrangements, food, drinks and reception. You don’t need to be as elaborate at your reception because the gorgeous location (beach!!) speaks for itself. And thirdly, wedding costs on the island are substantially cheaper in most cases, due to special wedding packages that most hotels and wedding coordinators offer locally.

There’s no doubt about it: Kefalonia is a destination for all tastes and budgets, for the wedding couple and their guests.

7#. The countless options

Kefalonia The countless options

Besides the romantic vibes of this gorgeous Greek island, there are plenty of choices for your dream wedding. There are a lot of options either you pick a wedding package all inclusive or plan a luxurious wedding in a hotel or boho wedding on the beach or a rustic wedding at a Robola winery or outside a local monastery or old church.

A wedding ceremony and a reception can be held in wedding venues with a magnificent view that overlook Ithaca, or at a Kefalonian terrace in hotels that can accommodate the couple and their guests.

In traditional wineries, on a sailboat, in the picturesque churches, or old-fashioned monasteries overlooking the magnificent Ionian Sea. Kefalonia is also has a avid culture and reputation for wine making.

The climate and the morphological characteristics are perfect for certain grape varieties to flourish. Take an exception and get married at a winery combining this unique day with a sophisticated wine tasting experience for your guests and/or family.

The choices of a couple that is getting married in Kefalonia for all the wedding details are countless. And there are a lot of experienced people that will help you plan your wedding day and your stay on the island.

8#. The magnificent light

Kefalonia - The magnificent light out

The light of Kefalonia is unique. Well, the truth is that picking the right time for your wedding is crucial in wedding photography.

Kostas Fragias, the well known, Greek, professional wedding photographer says: “A real wedding is so much different from a styled shoot or an editorial where you have the luxury to pick the time and if something goes wrong, you can repeat it the next day. But during a real wedding, everything is unique and happens once. And in Kefalonia, a professional and experienced wedding photographer can have as his ally the magnificent light of the island”.

Louis de Bernières in his literary masterpiece, “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” describes the "light" of Kefalonia in absolutely mesmerizing terms. He describes Kefalonia as the island whose patron is Apollo, signifying the power of light and it’s many expressions, in this blessed place.

The sheer intensity of the island’s light, its reflections, its vibrance and its purity can be encapsulated in the following, Louis de Bernières’ quote:

“It is a light that seems…completely virgin, with an overwhelming clarity of focus, heroic strength and brilliance.”

In light of this revered impression, we have selected the following images* that truly capture the celestial light of Kefalonia, that so much infatuated not only de Bernières, but also each traveller who does us the honour. Feast your eyes on Kefalonia’s landmarks and natural beauty, graced by the glorious Greek sun, while the “extreme vestal chastity of this light”, plays a game of shadow, texture and depth.

8 Reasons to Get Married in Kefalonia

8 Reasons to Get Married in Kefalonia

8 Reasons to Get Married in Kefalonia

8 Reasons to Get Married in Kefalonia

*All Images courtesy of Kostas Fragias, professional wedding photographer, based on Kefalonia.

The perks of an all-in-one wedding and honeymoon destination are plenty – apart from the sheer magic of a sunny, unique and memorable wedding experience. Ask around and everyone will tell you that Greek springs, summers and autumns in Kefalonia are awesome and the hospitality services on the island are impeccable.

8 Reasons to Get Married in Kefalonia

Say “I do” in Kefalonia! The whole wedding experience feels like a holiday, from start to finish, so get ready to live the best days in your life…

Enjoy the Journey!


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